• Functions in Makefiles

    When you wrote for the second time almost the same code and for the next time you started to copy & paste those code. That sounds like you should introduce a function. Functions in Makefile can shorten and clean things up and will be shown in the following…

  • Snippets for Visual Studio Code

    Typing ‘for’, ‘if’, ‘main’… and hitting tab to expand a snippet can save some time.

  • Testing at CLI level

    Testing can be tedious, testing can be tricky and testing can drive whole development… insane ;) But it is an important part of professional software development, but sometimes usually late at night only one line can make the trick. And staying with a shell - the environment devops used to use a lot it gets even more easier to write little one-line tests

  • Variables and Makefiles

    Makefiles are long, they tend to be complex and we used to have a configure script which built them for us. Did you ever looked into such generated Makefile, maybe a file of one of a bigger project? For me they seem sometimes like one long regexp ;)

  • When to prefer output over breakpoints

    When do you prefer raw console output over using a debugger and setting breakpoints?

  • Nudging build pipelines

    When setting up a build pipeline with for example TravisCI or AppVeyor did the first build worked out?

  • Dealing with typos with typo-aliasing

    Did you ever thought of alias typos in your shell alias file?

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