Thomas Piekarski

Hello, I am Thomas and well…

…out there in the world wide web there are so many pages and many about pages like that one here. They are describing the nitty-gritty of what to expect. Have you ever sat down, looking at the blinking cursor and questioning yourself what to write. Sometimes you know exactly what to write and get even into a rush not to forget what your head is just spinning, but sometimes… I am sure about you encountered that in quite a lot of contexts as well as I am encountering that in this very moment.

A few first words I managed to write, so I’ll take my chances.

That lab here you came by is about software development. The different technologies and common concepts which I encounter every day hanging around in the office and in my private time. Not only once I read about: when you want to understand a concept, a technology or an idea do not only try it but explain it to someone.

That someone is at first I think me. With writing about the things I try out for myself I hope to gather a better understanding and perhaps get in touch with other developers out there. Developers which share the ideas, concepts and technique which I like most. Among a few of these are…

  • Modern C++, Old-school C and GNU/Linux Development
  • Getting closer and closer into the Linux Kernel
  • Discovering Rust to develop modules for the Linux Kernel
  • Looking for new and unusual approachs to test software and hardware
  • More or less unbiased Javascript Development
  • Clean Code and Refactoring
  • Microservice Architectures
  • Keeping flexible solutions as simple as possible
  • …and daily things like tips and tricks to ease development.

So whats to expect here, you’ll find a loose coupled short and long articles written in a casual way about the things I think about, work with and try to learn.

Thomas Piekarski, Spring 2019, 2020 and 2021